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Post by |Dn|Keyser Soze on Fri Feb 12, 2016 6:38 pm

1. If u want to join us, you have to write an application!
Exceptions: If leader decide, u can be accepted without application.

2. After you post your application, do not expect to get answer or to be accepted immediately. Every forum member can turn on E-mail notification for his posts. Sometimes it takes longer that you expect, sometimes its immediately. If you wait 2,3,7 or 15 days pls dont panic!

3. After u post ur application, our members starts to give their opinions about you, your gameplay, skills etc. If we give you more positive comments, u can be accepted.

4. If we dont know how good you are, you are going in test phase, and we will test you, probably in 2v2 war.

5. If its hard to decide, same number of positive and negative comments, we will vote, voting is in our hidden section, you cant see that voting.

6. If u start to show bad behavior you will be rejected immediately.

7. Dont lie about your ages!

8. Follow our instructions, listen and do like we told you. Dont try to be smart ass!!!

|Dn|Keyser Soze
|Dn|Keyser Soze

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